Some business owners have learned the hard way about the true cost of on-the-job accidents. In addition to the lost time of valuable employees and the possibility of increased experience mods, the cost of dealing with everything that happens related to an on-the-job accident can be quite burdensome. Savvy business owners understand this and work hard to achieve a safe workplace. Worksite safety training is a great investment in your company. Our loss control professionals are specialists in our industry and will assist you, free of charge, in establishing a comprehensive safety program tailored to your business.  Call us toll-free to schedule your loss control visit today!


We, the Louisiana Home Builders Association Self Insurers Fund (HomeBuilders SIF), or our duly authorized agents, have the right to inspect your workplaces at any time in accordance with the signed application for coverage. Our inspections are not safety inspections. They relate only to the insurability of the workplaces and the premiums to be charged. We may give you reports on the conditions we find. We may also recommend changes. While they may help reduce losses, we do not undertake to perform the duty of any person to provide for the health or safety of your employees or the public. We do not warrant that your workplaces are safe or healthful or that they comply with laws, regulations, codes or standards.

Some of the materials contained in this online manual are excerpted from OSHA standards. The OSHA standards-making process is continually changing, therefore the OSHA material contained in this manual may not be current. It is important to review the entire standard, as there may be other sections that also apply. It is also important to understand that there may be newer editions of the OSHA standard made available which could have significantly different requirements.