The first time you submit a payment online, you will go through a brief authorization process. Select 'Click Here to Request Approval for Online Filing'. You will then enter your 4 or 5 digit policy number, your FEIN, your Member (insured) Name, and Preferred Email Address. Next, enter a Password consisting of 4 to 8 characters, then re-enter the Password. Next, select and answer a Security Question, and then click 'Submit'.

After you click 'Submit', you will receive authorization to submit your payment  online. You will have the opportunity to print a copy of your completed monthly interim. Alternatively, you can also print your blank interim form to complete and mail to us with your payment. Either way, you will continue to receive an interim from us each month by regular mail.

Payments made online will be debited from the bank account that you enter during the online payment process. There is no charge to make online payments and the process is safe and secure.